Opening Day, 1922

In the early 1900’s, the founding fathers of the Muskoka Lakes Golf and Country Club (MLG&CC) searched for and inspected several properties suitable for a golf course. By 1919, the first Board of Directors was appointed and had purchased Liliwood Farms and an adjoining farm, together comprising 135 acres. Shortly thereafter, the Board retained Mr. Stanley Thompson, the designer of many of Canada’s classic golf courses. Construction began in 1920 and the course opened for play on August 26, 1922.

Over The Years

Much has evolved since opening day. Tennis, sailing, and other water sports were added to provide Members with broad participation in the Club’s activities. Dining facilities and other activity buildings have been added and enhanced during its 90-year history. In 1976, for example, a 76-acre parcel of adjacent lands was purchased to provide a state-of-the-art golf practice area and expanded tennis facilities. Substantial improvements followed on the Golf Course, including a state-of-the art irrigation system, a new multipurpose pro shop, a snack bar, change-rooms, a cart and bag storage building, and a substantial renovation to the main Clubhouse.

MLG&CC Today

Originally the Club focused on the summer season, but it has since become an early May to mid-October facility, with Members taking advantage of extended programing and events for Members, their families and Guests. Of particular note has been the substantial expansion of Junior Programs across all the activities, along with younger and more active participation by the Club’s Junior Members.

Past Presidents

1920-1922     Mr. J. Hardy
1922-1932     Col. J.R. Moodie
1932-1934     Mr. G.E. Milburn
1934-1936     Mr. H.L. Steele
1936-1938     Col. R.R. Moodie
1938-1940     Mr. J.W. Alexander
1940-1941     Mr. D.R. McLaughlin
1941-1943     Col. R.R. Moodie
1943-1945      Mr. H.L. Steele
1945-1947      Mr. G.C. Leitch
1947-1949      Mr. W.N. McLeod
1949-1950      Mr. C.L. Owens
1950-1954      Mr. M.T. Ellis
1954-1955      Mr. J.L. Davidson     
1955-1957      Mr. J.C. Allen
1957-1960      Mr. A.S. Mathers

1960-1962      Mr. C.F.H. Carson
1962-1964      Mr. R.W. Robertson
1964-1966      Mr. D.R. Steele
1966-1968      Mr. E.R.S. McLaughlin
1968-1970      Mr. I. Douglas
1970-1972      Mr. J.H. Peters
1972-1974      Mr. J.W. Millar
1974-1976      Mr. Justice J.W. Brooke 
1976-1978      Dr. G.E. Hare
1978-1980      Dr. P.O. Crassweller
1980-1982      Mr. B.L. Wilson
1982-1984      Mr. R.C. Firstbrook
1984-1986      Mr. J.P. Mills
1986-1988      Mr. D.C. Hindson
1988-1990      Mrs. N.A. Ba​rber

1990-1992      Mr. D.F. Sullivan
1992-1993      Mr. D.L. Angus
1993-1994      Mrs. K.M. McCarthy 
1994-1996      Mr. A.E. Morson
1996-1998      Mr. J.R. Finley
1998-2000      Mr. R.G.V. Purves
2000-2002      Mr. G.E. Young
2002-2004      Mr. R.G. Browne
2004-2006      Mr. R.L. McCabe
2006-2008      Mr. G.C. Coutts
2008-2010      Mrs. C. Homer
2010-2012      Mr. D.C. Ross
2012-2014      Mr. T.A. Blackmore
2014-2016      Mrs. N.M. Gilchrist
2016-2018      Mrs. J. Stanton
​2018 - 2020    Mr. D. Burrows